That moment when you realize your character is 10 years old this year.

Keshimora was the first “serious” character I ever created. And that cute monster behind her was also one of the first villains I created—their rivalry lasting 10 years, evidently!

I’m going to celebrate by revisiting my old work and redrawing them in my present style—starting with the second picture above which is this flippin kawaii as hell drawing (also featuring Sprech4’s Ryu)!

I’ve already got plans for more!


Despite appearing and acting like an aggressive gangster, Knuckle is actually very compassionate and easily moved to tears. Knuckle gets along well with animals and is compelled to protect the helpless, taking care of abandoned pets even in the midst of a genocide. Sympathetic to a fault, though he possesses strength, Knuckle does not have the qualities necessary to be an effective warrior. His soft heart also makes him gullible and an easy target for deception. Simultaneously, he often ends up saving the lives of those whom he wishes to help by sacrificing his own mission.