My class pretended to play dead.

Just as the Mayans predicted, the apocalypse came with the signal of a cough.

these middle schoolers read better than my high school honors english class


"Stop being Dead right now."


Anonymous asked:

I think Ville has a point in his replies. . . A lot of things get said on this blog that I thought were real until I actually looked at things, and thought about what has been said. Do you think it's possible to maybe filter some of the stuff that aren't true, rather than just allowing nearly everything through? This blog use to be really good, but it turned too personal, and turned awful like the VA. Too many people come here, looking at things, and believing what anons say to be true.

samm-logic answered:

Ok I’ll address some stuff.

First off it’s your problem you side with Ville, a gross garbage can of a person. I’m sorry.

Second off, sorry you think this blog is “too personal” or whatever that equates to. We run on submission and anon asks - if you 100% believe everything that is said on this blog and treat it as cold hard fact, well that’s not really my problem, ya dig. Not sure how many more times me and the other mods have to say “do you have proof?” for you to understand that we actually don’t take off the wall anons seriously WITHOUT proof (ie: Samm is cheating, Ethan is buying comms with $$)

Our mods don’t have the time of day to search for the proof needed for these claims - we all have lives, and we mod this blog as a service for you and your buddies to giggle at and show others. I delete countless pointless and rude anons that just don’t add anything to this blog. Bad mouth the blog all you want but “people take this blog literally - can you stop that?” isn’t a problem I can fix. I’m sorry people are gullible, not sure what I can do.

So much for being a resource to warn potential customers. Wasn’t that the original goal?  So you’re saying this is an entertainment blog at the expense of other people? I suppose that is your choice.

If you want to be something legit, just require everyone post evidence of their claims. If you’re going to force Samm and Ethan to face the realities and responsibilities of the real world, then you should too.